Hello and welcome to The Mindfulness Kitchen!

I’m a 19 year old food blogger from the UK who loves nothing more than to put the music on loud and to dance crazily round the kitchen as she cooks. My big passion is baking, so a lot of what I post will be bakes, but I’ll also write more general cooking recipes as well. For the past year I’ve been using this food blog as a way of sharing my recipes and communicating with people through my food, although until now I haven’t been able to pin down what I’m trying to communicate.

Mental health awareness and support is an issue very close to my heart. Being someone who struggles themselves with mental health issues, as well as having many friends suffering from mental health problems, I feel very strongly about the importance of reducing the stigma around mental health and getting people to talk openly about it.

I’ll keep using this platform to publish my recipes, (and all my old ones will also stay up!), but I will now start to focus my food around things that are comforting for the hard times, fun for the times when you need to de-stress, quick for the times when you just need good food fast, and healthy because no matter how much I tell myself one cannot live off brownies alone!

Rather than shying away from my difficult moments, hiding behind recipes I’d made months before, I will strive to be more open about my own mental condition. I’ll show how my mental state affects my motivation to cook and what I cook/use to pick myself up during these times. This isn’t in order to wear my faults on my sleeve or glamorise my bad mental health, but rather to support others like me who find comfort in cooking/eating. I hope that by providing a whole range of dishes that are suited for those struggling with mental health issues, and by being more open myself, we can begin to spark conversations and break down the taboo around discussing mental health in society today.

This blog doesn’t intend to exclude, offend or misrepresent anyone with or without mental health issues. Quite the opposite. I instead hope to create a space where we can all be open and honest about mental conditions in attempt to reduce the stigma and repression around the subject, using food as the connective medium through which to do this.

If you have any queries or comments please let me know by posting them in the box below!

Emma x